Zeb Atlas

Zeb Atlas 76.1k

4 /5
birthday 30 November
hair color Brown
height 122㎝ (6′ 2″)
weight 188㎏ (248lbs)
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    from: South Africa
  • Jonnycockfucker
    from: United States
    Zeb is a hell of a fucking ass horny hot porn star
  • Kyron Hecht
    from: United States
    For me, there is no bigger turn on than seeing a big, buff, muscular Adonis like Zeb Atlas, just grab a small to medium sized guy who has a really great ass, and witness him grab the guy,fondle and manhandle him, and just take the guy wherever he wants to take him and just completely have his way, fucking him relentlessly! That excites me so much. I would love to see Zeb Atlas and Jordano Santoro the same way. After that, I want to see Zeb just take Lance Hart and have his way with him, too. What a turn on!
  • Rick Johnson
    from: United States
    It would be a steamy hot and sexy thing to see string man Zeb Atlas manhandle power bottom Johnny V and give him the banging of a lifetime. It would be something that Johnny V surely will never forget! Have the two of them ever hooked up on the screen.? If not, you all should seriously consider it, you have nothing to lose and I think you would interest a wide audience. Think about it then do it!
  • Lyle Jablonowski
    from: United States
    Hi. I kinda like that idea submitted about the sex torture den and Zeb Atlas is the perfect host to be running things. On top of his rugged great looks, he is intimidating, muscle bound, sexy, and smoking hot! He looks like he could make a guy cum by simply commanding him to do so! If they follow that idea using Jackson Lawless as Zeb's victim, undoubtedly it will be a success! Who knows-? It could start up a whole new series! Guys will anticipate the release of each episode different victims, different stories of how they were captured, some of them mistakenly wandering in because they are lost and don't know where they are, accidentally pushed the basement button in the elevator looking for the parking garage. There are so many exciting possibilities! Zeb Atlas is the one constant always controlling the situation and having his way. Others who would be great victims for captured subjects are Aarin Asker, Micah Brandt, Adam Killian, and Jessie Colter. I think that you may have very well struck oil with this one! Good luck, guys, I am cheering you on with this one!
  • Dan Smith
    from: United States
    I have an idea for a slice of kink cake that has to involve Muscle Man, Zeb Atlas. Zeb owns a basement establishment that's nothing more than a sexual dungeon den. He seeks out desirables which he snatches guys and takes the there for sexual punishment and torture. One day he nabs Jackson Lawless and ties him up in the sex den. Jackson is curious and anxious as to what is going on. It starts off rather regular and seeming quite harmless. Zeb tells Jackson that he is a surgeon and that he is going to administer major surgery to Jackson's ailing hole. Zeb starts off by telling him that the procedure will begin with a local anesthetic. He starts licking Jackson's asshole getting it nice and wet . It's feeling absolutely great to Jackson who is feeling like he is actually going under. Next, the licking graduates to a tongue fucking session. Then it morphs into ass eating, and ass play. Next is the muscle man drilling Jackson's hole. Jackson is getting a little more nervous as he advances to the different levels and the sensations become increasingly more intense. Once that phase has passed, the muscle man preps his powerful hands and when done, he pries open the hole with his fingers and works it all the up to the wrist Jackson cries out as he feels his hole starting to be stretched far beyond its regular elasticity. Eventually Zeb works it all the up his powerful forearm and finally up to the elbow! Jackson has passed all levels of anxiety, terror, and fear! His asshole is being stretched beyond recognition and he is crying out,till he can't anymore. When he realizes how far Zeb's arm is up his ass, Jackson nearly passes out. Zeb arm fucks the poor guy from this point onward. Jackson's forced to take the ride. What do you think? I think it's pretty damn hot! Let's do this!
  • Manny Toliver
    from: United States
    Boy, you're a dream for me! I like watching you fuck ! My two faves are when you raped Micah Brandt in that construction shop and put him on that tailgate of that red truck. Man did you ever fuck the shit out of him , he was screaming,moaning, and choking on dick!: That was smoking hot. You guys should get together again soon. My other favorite is you fucked Adam Killian in that shower then polished him off in that jacuzzi garden tub. You owned that shit, and that was some of the best fucking I thought, my opinion of course. You need to get with him again too. I think you should get up with Jessie Colter and you rough him up a bit and rape him like you did with Micah Brandt. Wow!
  • Helm Pittsley
    from: United States
    I think that the story of Tarzan should be revamped from the gay perspective. Zeb Atlas is the perfect specimen to portray the role of the popular legend. I can see it now, a group of gorgeous gay hunks taking a guided excursion through the jungle in search of some rare botanical finds for some new world renown male cosmetics. They are being led through the jungle by.some.exotic African natives who are all extremely well endowed. Unbeknownst to them, they're being watched closely by Tarzan who is none too thrilled about them exploiting the resources of the jungle. Tarzan has been attracted to James out of the group of civilized outsiders. The beautiful and sexy James should be portrayed by a sexy, dick hungry power bottom like Brandon Jones, Aarin Asker, or Jessie Colter. In Awe of one of the rare beautiful wonders of the jungle, James gets separated from the group and is lost. Tarzan captures the sexy guy and carries him off deep into the jungle yo his hut which is nestled high atop the trees of the lush tropical jungle. A very aroused Tarzan rapes the helpless James and has his way with him. James has no choice but to submit to Tarzan's every sexual desire. Tarzan falls in love with the sexy hunk is now addicted to Tarzan's cock drilling deep into his pouty, tight asshole. Eventually, the group is concerned that James is missing. They frantically comb the. deep lush green brush in search of James. They eventually find James and when they do, he is tied up and being fucked by Tarzan! This turns on the civilized crew who starts to arouse the hunky black African natives. Before you know it, everyone is getting fucked , sucked, and raped! Tarzan keeps James for himself and James willingly becomes a sex slave to the lord of the jungle. This would make for great video which is exciting to watch, especially if Brandon Jones is Tarzan's object of desire.
  • john payton
    from: Canada
    this is a man who needs a superman tattoo right in the middle of his chest
  • Zeke Dannawaye
    from: United States
    I love Zeb Atlas' muscular physique. I find it equally sexy as I do intimidating. I can only imagine that musculature grabbing my body and just making me cum at his very command! Call me sick, I guess,but it seems like it would be wonderful and exciting to be raped and forced to cum by this colossus! What would be a really cool visual would be a situation at a major construction site where Zeb's one of the steel beam foremen of a skyscraper that's being assembled. There happens to be a local YMCA workout facility across the street nearby where Jessie Colter works as a personal trainer. On several occasions, Jessie has looked across the street and noticed the hulking, physically fit, handsome steel worker walking on beams high up in the air. Being professionally familiar with the human body, Jessie knows right away that this man is in fantastic shape. Jessie has allowed his imagination to run off with him staring into space, pretending to feel the construction man's python arms around him. The funny thing is that Zeb, the construction worker, has noticed Jessie pass by the site every day going to work at the YMCA. He mentioned about the cute blonde kid who wears workout gear each day going to the Y faithfully. He assumed one of two things, either the youngster was a fitness guru, or he was some type of aerobics class instructor for the YMCA. Zeb has made it known to his coworkers that he intends to find out more about the cute blonde kid across the street. Finally,after a couple of weeks have gone by, Zeb has started going to the Y after work each day for a refreshing swim, sauna, and massage after work. Little by little, he is getting closer to finding out about the young blonde guy who seems to be spending more of his time in the weight room. Zeb started incorporating the weights into his evening regimen. He's hoped that the youngster has noticed his rippling muscles all over the place while he worked out on the weights. One day, while on the bench press, Zeb was taking a break between sets while on the bench lying for a few minutes. Jessie walked over to Zeb on the bench straddling his face and assuming a spotting position. "I'll be more than happy to spot you, sir! Wow, you're really built!" Jessie,who was wearing a very snug pair of mini workout shorts, giving Zeb much more than an eyeful of crotch and ass. "Yeah, thanks! I appreciate that. Judging from what I can see from down here, you're pretty well built yourself!" Once Zeb finished on the bench, Jessie asked to be excused to do some squats. He bends over to touch his toes, being sure to put his ass right in Zeb's face. By his fourth repetition of squats, Zeb boldly rests both his hands on Jessie's beautiful ass. Jessie is surprised and turned on at the same time. Zeb told Jessie that he needs to keep his back straight and his knees locked while touching his toes and doing squats. Zeb noticed Jessie's bulge getting larger beneath his shorts, Zeb's boner was so swollen that it was beginning to emerge from the left pant leg of his shorts. He told Jessie that he was going to the sauna before his massage. Jessie was excited and made his way to go prep himself for the sauna as well. When he does finally enter the sauna, it is deserted and Jessie feels stood up. He sits on a bench in the sauna and puts a towel over his head and face. Zeb comes out from the farthest corner inside of the sauna already and quietly locks the door. He smoothly and gracefully, without being seen or heard, makes his way over to Jessie. Zeb eases behind him and covers his mouth with one hand and fondles Jessie's dick with the other hand. Jessie is terrified initially because he thought he was all alone in the sauna and he couldn't see who was molesting him. Whomever it was, he was extremely strong. There was no way Jessie could have broken free from the grip that held him in place and started milking his dick! It was turning him on, but a paralyzing fear staunched his thought process. He was being raped in the sauna and wanted to yell for help. If he could yell, would anyone be able to hear him? Finally, he heard a deep, intimidating voice telling him NOT to yell and NOT to attempt an escape. Careful to keep the towel covering Jessie's face, Zeb forced Jessie to suck his dick. Once Zeb was fully erect and wet, he opened up Jessie's ass and starts to tongue fuck his hole. The sensation of getting his salad tossed had Jessie nearly climbing up the walls! He was moaning in a deeply helpless pleasure. He was extremely vocal and the sensation was intense. Jessie felt tons of pre cum flowing from his cock from the mere sensation of his asshole being eaten out. Once Jessie's ass was nice and juicy,lubed up and ready for dick, Zeb thrust so much cock in him that he instantly became light headed and nearly fainted. Whoever this stranger was, slamming the hell out of his insatiable asshole, Jessie didn't want it to ever end. He did wish that he knew who it was so that they could arrange to hook up again. Just as the fucking was feeling its absolute best,Zeb reaches under the towel to cover Jessie's mouth again. This time he pulled Jessie's head back enough to force him to nearly stand straight up. As Jessie stood up, he was careful to make sure that he kept his back arched so that the cock would remain submerged in his sloppy, wet asshole. The towel fell off and he tried to see who his attacker was, but the hand covering his mouth prevented him from turning his head. He was finally able to figure out who it was because he was forced to rest his head upon Zeb's massive shoulder and chest. From peripheral vision, he was finally able to see enough muscles to realize who was impregnating him! Mutual wishes had been fulfilled that evening and all was right with the world!
  • Denver James
    from: United States
    Zeb Atlas would be an awesome gay serial rapist. Hiding out in steam rooms , saunas, weight rooms, and locker rooms. You know, the athletic type who most people would not even suspect. Zeb being a body builder, would easily be able to camouflage himself in such cover, thus my idea for a flick featuring Zeb Atlas. Around the athletic club lately,there has been numerous sexual assaults reported as well as miss guys and rapes where the victims are too afraid to report it. Zeb, being a professional body sculptor, is around the athletic club all the time and has verified a few reports on unusual occurrences taking place around the facility. Little does anyone know that when Zeb is all alone, he puts on a mask and a rubber suit and attacks any lone stragglers at the club. He has never been caught, but the list of victims gets longer and longer. Some victims include Aarin Asker, Brandon Jones, Christian Herzog,and Jackson Lawless.
  • Bob Glover
    from: United States
    What I like is Zeb's,unchallenged privilege of being the consummate professional Dom. He is going to rule over whoever he fucks! I want to see him use his abilities to snag the black beauty, Race Cooper,and just fuck the hell out of him until he surrenders all of that supple black ass to him. Eat that ass and fuck that ass and make handsome Race into your bootiful bitch!
  • Vernest Arborfield-Roache
    from: United States
    I would love that to see Zeb Atlas do a sex skit that would require him to flex a few acting muscles before he starts banging his helpless rape victim. The person playing opposite Zeb should be Jackson Lawless. Zeb is a bio-tech bootlegger who manufactures synthetic drugs and sells them on your the black market. Jackson Lawless is a bio-tech engineer who has just produced a drug miracle that will make all erectile dysfunction formulas obsolete. Zeb wants to steal the formula for himself so he overrides the security system to the major pharmaceuticals lab where Jackson works regularly and is the backdrop to where the new miracle drug was originally created. Zeb has just entered the lab and using aggressive scare tactics to frighten and intimidate Jackson into giving up the formula. Jackson is extremely frightened and is timidly and cowardly backing away constantly from Zeb, who's sporting a massive erection through his slacks and aiming his cock at Jackson as though it's a gun that he intends to use on Jackson. Almost in a cold sweat, Jackson has nearly covered all of the lab's square footage in attempts to stay away from Zeb who has a hard dick and lust in his eyes as he is determined to get the formula from Jackson, whose afraid of being forced to relinquish the fruits of his blood sweat and tears. Also, Jackson is deathly afraid of being raped as Zeb keeps coming for him with a hard on aimed right at him. Finally, after a lot of chasing and shuffling, Jackson is backed to a corner where he finds himself trapped. Zeb puts his python muscular arm out and grabs poor Jackson and pulls him close. Jackson can feel Zeb's hard on poking his middle and he feels awkward and uncomfortable. Zeb demands the formula one last time with ultimatum. Jackson timidly refuses so Zeb delivers a mighty blow across Jackson's jaw and he is knocked out cold. Zeb picks him up and carries Jackson to a table over his shoulder and puts him down, hog ties him and begins to rip away all of Jackson's clothes until the unconscious victim is completely nude and vulnerable. Zeb exercises various forms of sexual torture on Jackson to manipulate the guy in to giving up the formula. Zeb has used several different types of dildoes up Jackson's asshole, to make him talk Jackson breaks little by little as the torture progresses. Zeb fucks Jackson's face intensely making him gag and choke on semen. Then Zeb finds out that the drug is a time release capsule that remains in the system for 6 months! This bit of information stimulates Zeb so that he starts edging Jackson and sucking his dick, but refuses to let him cum. Jackson has finally suffered to the point of no return and Zeb turns the man over and gives him a very very severe ass pounding as Jackson is repeatedly impaled by Zeb's weapon. After Zeb has released his own load, he goes back to edging Jackson who pleads and pleads to be finished off so that he can cum finally. After this next phase of edging, Jackson Lawless surrenders and gives up the formula to Zeb. Zeb rewards the victim by sucking the victim's cock until he explosively looses a huge load that renders Jackson unconscious. Zeb wallows in his victory realizing that he got everything that he came for and he has a reason to celebrate! He rewards himself by beginning to fuck poor helpless unconscious,and defeated Jackson yet again!
  • Xachary Malone
    from: United States
    How much of a daily workout routine does the mighty Zeb Atlas have to do to maintain his sexually fit physique? I really like the aggressive dominance he displays when he attacks his sexual prey! I wish I had a bod and a cock like this virile,sexy man. Two tender, juicy,and supple hungry asses whom I would love to see get raped and ravished by Zeb Atlas are the bubble butt Damian Brooks and that agile ass Aarin Asker! Judging by what I know and what I have see of these two hunks on the screen, both would be absolutely elated to surrender their bodies to Zeb and enjoy him pounding away on their dick hungry asses!
  • tracy stubbs
    from: United States
    To me, Zeb Atlas is the 8th wonder of the world. I have watched your videos many times and I get off on them. I really like the way you aggressively take control of those small guys and just do whatever you want with them. Many times I have fantasized about you grabbing me and taking me to some remote location to raped! That sounds so hot and tasty to me. There are two smaller guys who have really nice looks and beautiful asses whom I would pay money to see you fuck their brains out! The Awesome Aarin Asker and the Beautiful Brandon Jones. It would be great to see you grab and bag these two little hunks one by one, kidnap them, and just rape the hell out of them. They both are insatiable hungry bottoms and the big Zeb Atlas dick would certainly enjoy the insertions!

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